Sustainable Carbon Technology

Waste to Carbon with Low CO2 Emissions

Specialising in all Organic Waste and soft plastic, heavy plastics, Car Tyre, agricultural waste, hospital waste, contaminated soil, and any synthetic organic waste.

Our combustion-free, low-emissions organic Carbonisation System Carbonisation Technology (OCS) greatly reduces organic waste such as food and garden waste, medical waste and car tyres, and most common household waste items – that would otherwise become landfill – into high-purity biochar that has many environmentally beneficial applications

OCS technology converts biomass such as timber forestry and compost to into a high-yield and high-grade biochar which can be used in many industrial applications and specifically for soil enrichment.

Solving The Waste Problem

The negative impact on the environment and climate through massive increases in landfill can be mitigated by Waste Circology’s patented Organic Carbonisation System (OCS).

Carbon rich

Waste Circology’s Organic Carbonisation System (OCS) is a closed, low-emissions process that transforms organic solid waste into a rich char-carbon compound.

Improvement of soils
through Re-use

Waste Circologys OCS Char may help reduce the need for fertilizers and will help raise agricultural productivity in marginal soils.